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Heart cushion cross stitch by katarishko. Ребёнок в 1год и 3 месяца очень увлечённо её изучал. Some are a few pages, some a few lines long, some by famous, some by not so famous authors. Хотела Вам на электронную почту сбросить файл в письме, но здесь контактов нигде не вижу. Юля, такие здоровские и нежные сердца!!

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Back of the T-shirt, blue selfportrait drawn on transparent paper, newspaper clips, cotton self dyed. I cross stitched this Snoopy and sewed it to a kreuzstkchen soft blanket for my daughter. It goes with the Snoopy cushion I offered her last year.

Bordei este Snoopy e apliquei-o numa manta muito fofinha para a minha filha. Faz conjunto com uma almofada do Snoopy que lhe ofereci o ano passado.

In loving memory of my aunt O. Enjoy the miracle of spring! The little girl and her mother are fine. The two siblings are very sweet with the new born sister and the father lovingly cares for his family. Cushion I offered my mother last Sunday.

Wimmelbuch (виммельбух)

Cross stitched and sewn by me. Design by Margaret Sherry once again. Ich wiederum nehme mir Zeit mit kleinen Kreuzstichen Bilder zu erschaffen.

Es macht mir Freude und ich hoffe, den Beschenkten mache ich damit auch eine Freude. In jedem Kreuz steckt Liebe: Well, things that are important to me, is when people take time for me, but I was not able to show you this as a photo.

I create images with small cross stitcheswhat take a lot of time. It makes me happy and I hope the recipient Iike it as well. In each cross is love: Listed in my shop!


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Repair order by Petra Wendeler. Baby bib with elephant — Babete com elefante by Laura Ferreira. My set «Cross Stitch» is the most seen I have here: Babete para a neta de uma amiga.

Christiane Dahlbeck — Mit Kreuzstichen durchs Yahr! Snoopy goes to bed — O Ireuzstichen vai para a cama by Laura Ferreira. I rest — Descanso by Laura Ferreira. Door sign I stitched for my daughter. Sinal de porta que bordei para a minha filha.

Stricken und Sticken dufchs nah zusammen Innensohle und Futter aus Leder. Freude in Schwerin- Joy in Schwerin by Anke knipst. Durchss bin ich nur gaaaaaanz kurz wieder zu Hause bevor wir in Urlaub fahren. In Schwerin wurde unser drittes Enkelkind geboren. In Schwerin our third grandchild was born.

Brevemente mostrarei a toalha, depois do bordado aplicado. Baby bib with ladybirds — Babete com joaninhas by Laura Ferreira. Babete para a filha de uma amiga. Detail — complete work in one of the next photos.

Detalhe — trabalho completo numa jajr fotos seguintes. Baby bib with butterflies — Babete com borboletas by Laura Ferreira. My new skirt by Nell. Cross stich detail on my new skirt Ostereier — Happy Easter to you all by Sabine Marzahn.


Complete cushion in the previous photo. Almofada completa na foto anterior. Forest- a counted cross stitch pattern by Satsuma Street. Heart cushion cross stitch by katarishko.

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Designed by Lesley Teare. A bird in Spring cross stitch by katarishko. Somebunny to love — 2 by Laura Ferreira. Detail of the soft toy shown in the previous photo. Detalhe do boneco da foto anterior. Witzy and ladybug — Witzy e joaninha by Laura Ferreira.

Die kleinen Dinge des Lebens-small things in life by Anke knipst. Read more on my blog: Suffering is optional by aicien.

Pisces — Peixes — 2 by Laura Ferreira. Detail — complete work in the next photo. Detalhe — trabalho completo na foto seguinte. Outro gato da Margaret Sherry, o quinto que bordo. Light blue towel — Toalha azul clara by Laura Ferreira. Leider Geil by Christin. Song title by Deichkind — the modern poets of our generation.

Glorious Sampler7 by Ingrid Germonprez. Glorious cross stitch Sampler www.

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