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Do you want something? Вход для постоянных покупателей. Have you been shown their usual trick yet? She was so beautiful! When I saw her for the first time, she was looking out of the window and singing a funny song.

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He usually gets out of bed on the wrong side and often loses temper on Mondays. Do you often vacuum?

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I do it very seldom; I work every day, I am too busy at work and I am too tired, hungry and wicked in the evenings. Are you pleased with me? She is very busy in the morning: She usually goes to work by bus, but sometimes she takes a taxi. He is a lawyer; he is always very busy both on weekdays and on his free days; generally speaking, he is a big shot and a man of his word as well.

КЛЮЧИ. «Как Это Сказать По-Английски?» | Гивенталь Инна

Unfortunately, he is an absolute nothing. She is the life and soul of the party: How often do you make dinner? My sister usually does it. You know I am a big shot and she is an absolute nothing!

We go to the cinema rather seldom, but we often watch TV гивкнталь the evening. He is always busy: Is he a sociable person? He is a terrible newsmonger, an awful panic-monger and a horrible lickspittle. He never works hard at work; he is an ordinary idler and a bore as well.

On the whole he is an absolute nothing. My grandpa is a terrible panic-monger: Is your husband a scientist?

He is late so often, so he almost always goes to work by taxi. It is in his way! Are you good at languages? You see, I speak both English and Russian quite fluently.

I am a journalist and generally speaking I am a sociable person. Frankly speaking, she is a fascinating woman and a hard-worker as well. By the way, she can cook and, to my mind, she cooks every day. My dad is an outstanding personality: Your brother is a real charmer!


Their son is an unlucky fellow. Your daughter can neither wash nor cook! She is a worthless housekeeper! He is such a dear! Do you know a thing or two of modern art? Does she have a good ear for music? It seems to me, that our president has his heart in the right place, but the situation in our country often gets worse after his decrees. He never cribs at the lessons, for some reason but he is cribbing at the moment.

Why are you looking at her with such hatred? Do you want to taste this juice? Somebody is standing there! I hear some sounds! What are you doing? Why are you making so much noise? Do you hear me? Гивентадь are looking fine now! But to tell the truth you usually look like a shabby chicken. There is nothing to worry about! Stop sticking to her!! She is working on her dissertation, you see!

Инна Гивенталь: Как это сказать по-английски (+аудиокурс)

Stop making these terrible sounds! I am not watching TV at the moment. I have not been watching TV sincechildhood. I usually watch cartoons on Sundays. I have beenwatching cartoons for two hours. What do you usually drink? What шивенталь you drinking now? What have you been drinking since morning? Where do you have dinner every day? Where are you having dinner now? Why have you been having dinner for two hours?

Инна Гивенталь

Where do you work? Where are you working now? How long have you been working here? He seldom plays alone. He is playing alone at the moment. He has been playing alone for 3 hours. Why do you often look at me? Why are you looking at me so lightly? Why have you been looking atme without rest for several minutes? Do you often write letters to your relatives?


Are you writing a letter to your mum mow? Have youbeen гиуенталь letters since morning? My talkative neighbour speaks on the phone too often. Is your husband speaking on the phone now? Why has this chatterbox been hanging on the phone at least for an hour?

I eat every day. I am eating now. I have been eating since morning. Do you eat every day? Are you eating now? Гивнталь you eat yesterday? She often drinks coffee. Is she drinking coffee now? She has been drinking coffee for a few years. She drank coffee 2 hours ago.

My mum cooks well. My mum is making dinner at the moment. My mum has been making dinner since she came from work.

What do you usually do in the evenings? What are you doing now? What have you been doing for a good hour? What did you гивеноаль yesterday? Is he reading now? He has been reading since morning. Did he read anything yesterday? Why are you always looking at me like this?

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How long have you been looking at me? He looked at me so coldly yesterday. Stop looking at me!

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